Kubernetes Consulting


Kubernetes Consulting

Popular known as “k8s, " it is an automated open-source platform for deployment, scaling, and managing containerized applications. You can use Kubernetes support with hybrid, on-premises, or cloud infrastructure. Although Kubernetes solutions make our work easier, it comes with challenges. But iTechOps has the correct solution to overcome them.

● Kubernetes is not everyone’s cup of tea because of its complex nature. But with our expertise, setting up and managing a Kubernetes cluster is no hassle.
● We have access to the latest tools and strategies to develop a strong security system for your Kubernetes cluster.
● If you want to develop an in-house team, you must invest a lot in Kubernetes experts. Moreover, it will be a time-consuming process.


Kubernetes managed deployment

iTechOps helps enterprises use Kubernetes services on a cloud-based or on-premise platform. We offer our expert services in the following ways:

● Configuration management
● Security and optimizations
● Application stack deployments
● Writing infrastructure through Terraform
● We have experience using tools like Terraform, Rancher, ELK, and more.
● Managed Kubernetes stack Deployment

Kubernetes Application onboarding

If you want a successful K8 application adoption and onboarding, we can help you. We have Kubernetes experts in GCP, Azure, and AWS. To stay with the market trends, we carefully analyze the current infrastructure, processes, and more to develop the best-customized strategy for you.

● Based on industry standards, we will create a roadmap for easy K8 application onboarding.
● Our experts will provide the necessary feedback to help you in a streamlined cloud-native journey.
● We also give guidance through K8 training programs.
● We can increase your productivity rate through rapid developments.
● We ensure strict security during each phase of Kubernetes’ container cycle.
● We run comprehensive security audits regularly to improve and prevent vulnerability assessments.


Yes, having one or more pods in the cluster is possible.
Yes, you can use the kubectl delete command to eliminate an object. This way, your environment can also be cleaned.
A managed Kubernetes service can help you with the following issues:
Storage orchestration
Horizontal scaling
Service discovery and load balancing
Automated rollouts and rollbacks
Configuration management
Kubernetes helps you build a distributed system to avoid faults. It’s an open-source container orchestration platform where the load is distributed across different nodes to maintain the lifecycle and stability of the system.
Kubernetes consulting comes with numerous benefits, like managing and deploying containerized applications. Nobody can deny its offerings in terms of scalability, availability, portability, usage, and improved resources.
You should use Kubernetes in analytics and big data. It could be used for any project that involves larger datasets. In such cases, Kubernetes can help manage pipelines, manage data clusters, share resources, and scale workloads.

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iTechOps helps enterprises use Kubernetes services on a cloud-based or on-premise platform.

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