Finding a perfect blend within the development and operations teams is difficult in this digital era. But iTechOps solves this for you. Our experience and 360 degree approach will help you with a cutting-edge DevOps enablement solutions.With our DevOps model, your development and operations team will collaborate seamlessly, resulting in speedy software delivery and enhanced operational efficiency. Now create market-ready, quality assured and bug-free products in no time to meet the ever-changing market needs.


Agile methodology

DevOps lifecycle helps you create a plan, build, deploy, and operate the process, making the agile development methodology easier. It also encourages rapid prototyping, testing and improvement of the products to avoid bugs and make them dynamic. This shortens the span of the production cycle while maintaining quality and security. The classic advantage is that the developers can work in short iterations or make changes to the project midway to improvise it. DevOps technologies greatly reduce the development cost since you can make it in less time.

Responsive development

It’s a universal truth that your customers will always demand more. They’ll change their requests or have some feedback for your product. You’ll have to improvise your product’s functionality accordingly to meet the market needs. DevOps services help your developers in the optimized lifecycle and automation of development, testing, configuration, and deployment procedures to quickly incorporate customer feedback into your product. This way, you will always be a step ahead of your competitors. iTechOps can help you adopt a DevOps tooling model, leading to enhanced user experience and greater engagement with your product.

Automated Processes

Since the DevOps model works on automation, it accelerates the work speed of the team while avoiding errors and maintaining quality. Feedback can be immediately corporated in each stage, and the frequency of update releases or product launches can increase.


Azure DevOps services help institutions streamline their software development, employment, and management. Its services induce collaboration, automation, and constant improvement. Thus, an organization must think of Azure DevOps services. It will help them cut off the time between writing codes for software. It will lead to a quick development cycle and improve deployment frequency. Thus, it modifies the product quality.
The DevOps service provides works aligning with the following principles:
Continuous integration
Continuous Deployment
Monitoring and logging
Yes. Going for DevOps professional services comes with manifold benefits:
Faster Time-to-Market: Helps in quick and accurate releases.
Improved Collaboration: Helps improve team spirit and cooperation.
Increased Efficiency: Automation reduces human error and hence improves efficiency.
Higher Quality Software: Continuous monitoring and testing help improve the performance of software and applications.
Greater Stability and Reliability: DevOps improves reliability and modifies monitoring.
It is true that DevOps employment comes with plenty of perks. Yet, it also reflects certain implications, such as:
Technical DifficultiesDevOps also poses some technological hurdles. To standardize and automate procedures and tools throughout the organization is one. It is challenging for enterprises with a wide variety of apps and platforms.
Operational DifficultiesFinally, from an operational standpoint, DevOps strategy can be difficult. One of the most difficult tasks is controlling and securing deployments and rollbacks. It can be challenging, especially in a large and complicated manufacturing environment.
The most salient DevOps tools and techniques are:
Version control system; Git Subversion
CI/CD; Jenkins, Travis CI, GitLab CI/CD
Configuration Management: Ansible, Puppet, Chef
Containerization; Docker, Kubernetes
Monitoring and Logging; Prometheus, ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)
Collaboration and Communication; Slack, Microsoft Teams

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