Cloud Native Services


Cloud Native Services

Do you have a specific use case and want to develop an application to meet the particular need? iTechOps can help you with this. Our expert team uses the latest techniques and ensures you deliver an industry-rich application in the market. They take care of the continuous delivery of microservices and the dynamic changes required. So, we help you run secure and stable applications through cloud-native technologies to serve your customers effectively.



We split the functionalities into microservices while making decentralized cloud-native applications. This way, immediate updates can be rendered in the microservices, and the application doesn’t have to be disrupted entirely. But your question can be: Why should I use microservices? It helps to design, deploy and support cloud applications quickly and efficiently, with reduced costs.


At iTechOps, we use containerization to combine multiple apps into a single virtual space. We can access them with a shared operating system. So, we can run an application in different environments without creating a separate version for each use case. This way, containerization greatly reduces development time, effort and cost. Moreover, you can release the application in the market quickly.

Dynamic Orchestration

By automating time-consuming steps in the DevOps process, such as configuring load balancers, building and deploying databases, and setting up cloud servers, we use dynamic orchestration to speed up the provisioning and configuration of applications. This frees up our development and IT teams to concentrate on innovation, problem-solving, and decision-making instead of tedious managerial duties.

Continuous Delivery

We continuously deliver to enhance overall productivity and reduce manual processes. Automated continuous delivery makes testing codes, identifying bugs, and applying changes easier.


Cloud native services help you create and deploy modern applications in cloud computing environments. Moreover, it helps you to manage these applications, too.
Cloud native helps you achieve many goals. But the two primary ones are escalating software delivery velocity and service reliability.
You can follow the given practices to ensure a perfect cloud native development.
Use service meshes
Go serverless
Use automation for release pipelines
Select the necessary tech stack
Use lightweight containers
Implement IaC
Consider observability
Use modern approaches for security
The four basic pillars of cloud native applications are:
Continuous delivery
AWS cloud native services help organizations to create resilient and highly available applications. This helps reduce application downtime so companies can scale up their customer experience and ultimately earn more profits
Developers primarily use Google Cloud native services. It helps them quickly create, test, and deploy new and existing services. Thus, the developers can introduce newer products and services to the market faster without any deployment risks. Since cloud native uses automated infrastructure, even the downtime is reduced.

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At iTechOps, we use containerization to combine multiple apps into a single virtual space.

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