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Data is a crucial aspect of running any business. Thus, you must protect your data from any loss or disaster. iTechOps offers a comprehensive cloud backup and restore solution to ensure you can keep your data secure or recover it at any stage.

Backup and Restore

Automated Cloud Backup

No longer worry about manual backups or causing any errors. We offer automated cloud backup solutions for a seamless and efficient way of data protection. Our scheduled cloud backups and recovery automatically store your files, databases, applications, and system configurations safely in the cloud. You also get a chance to customize your backup frequency to meet your needs.

Robust Data Encryption

We employ robust data encryption algorithms to protect your data during transit and storage. Your data is encrypted at the source before being transmitted to the cloud so no unauthorized party can access it. Our strong encryption protocols keep your data safe and prevent it from threats and vulnerabilities.

Versioned Backups

iTechOps uses versioned backup techniques to use less storage and minimize backup times. For this, after the initial full backup, all the subsequent backups capture only the changes made since the last backup, reducing storage requirements and network bandwidth consumption. So, we have multiple versions of your backup to restore any file or system you want.

Disaster Recovery and Backup

Disasters are unpredictable, so we should be ready with a solid disaster recovery plan. Our experts will design a disaster recovery plan to ensure your business continues in all conditions. Using our cloud backup and restore solutions, you can quickly recover from unforeseen situations and streamline your business even when a disaster hits your system.


Having cloud back and restore services helps an organization in various ways, such as:
Automated backup: Data loss is possible when any organization goes through application updation or modification. Having a scheduled backup ensures you regular data protection. It does not require any manual intervention, thus saving you money and time.
Disaster recovery: Restore services and cloud backup backs you during hardware failure. It helps in quick restoration and reduces downtime.
Accessibility: With such services, you can access data from anywhere. It does not even require an internet connection.
Scalability: You can adjust storage capacity by increasing or decreasing it.
Security: You can use encryption and other security measures to protect data.
Cloud backup is one service used by organizations from all domains worldwide. Such wide use gives proof of its reliability. Yet, as per user security concerns, Cloud backup comes with encryption during transit and storage, robust access controls, and compliance with industry standards (such as GDPR and HIPAA).
Yes. Cloud back and restoring services are user-friendly. They are built in a manner to cater to the needs of their users. You can customize options by selecting specific files, folders, or data types to back up. You can also set priorities for critical data. Or exclude unnecessary data from the backup option.
The procedure usually pauses if there is an internet interruption during a backup. It gets resumed as there is a proper connection. Some services allow users to download a local copy of their data. Or, it allows shipping of physical storage devices with the data for faster recovery. Thus, it reduces the impact of internet outages.
You must consider:
Security Measures
Ease of Use

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iTechOps offers a comprehensive cloud backup and restore solution to ensure you can keep your data secure or recover it at any stage.

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