As an organization, you must be using some applications. But have you ensured its security? With so many people using these applications, security is the prime concern. But what if we tell you about our practical DevSecOps model, you don’t have to worry about security at every stage since the beginning of your project. So, there will be continuous integration and fewer quality control failures with increased delivery speed and compliance.



With its automated security controls, the chances of vulnerabilities can be predicted. So you can prevent errors in the production environment before they arise. This way, it wouldn’t impact your delivery speed, reducing reworks.

Risk Management

DevSecOps process promotes a zero-trust attitude towards external connections, including third-party software, lowering the possibility that integration with another component will invalidate the integrity of your application. Our cyber security service assists clients in integrating the DevSecOps lifecycle with other risk management facets, such as infrastructure security, security architecture and operations, data security, and cyber threat protection, in offering thorough, layered, and practical protection.

Threat Modelling

DevSecOps security helps to detect threats before they arise so you can prevent them and offer a smooth user experience. We, iTechOps, also help our clients plan and execute threat modelling exercises to detect risks and set up the necessary prevention. This way, the time-to-patch reduces along with the development cost.


When you integrate DevSecOps into your software development process, you’ll get the following advantages:Secure software developmentConstant security testing and monitoringBetter communication and collaboration with the teamImproved visibility and controlCompliance
DevSecOps experts only consider it successful when there’s a seamless collaboration between the Development, Security, and Operations teams. This collaboration makes it easier to bring results and fulfill DevOps goals with improved security.
Of course, coding and scripting skills can be an added advantage, just like it is for DevOps. However, there’s no need to be an expert in programming.
DevOps is when people come together to create and offer secure software quickly. However, DevSecOps is when security is prioritized in every software development phase. Through different tools and methods, it protects and monitors live applications.
DevSecOps helps to create shorter development cycles. Since the time required for development shortens, you can bring in frequent developments, too. This way, even the disruptions in the process are minimal, and collaboration between teams gets stronger.
Well, DevSecOps and cybersecurity are a part of each other. The prime focus of both is security. Cybersecurity can be used in all digital areas. However, DevSecOps is specifically used while creating a product.
DevSecOps helps in provision infrastructure, observability, and policy enforcement. It does it through the DevSecOps pipelines. This way, the development team can look into other important aspects like code modularity and structuring. Whereas the service department monitors and secures the application.

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We iTechOps, also help our clients plan and execute threat modelling exercises to detect risks and set up the necessary prevention.

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